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Terry’s Toffee

Mazel Toffee from Terry's

So I know I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my favorite streets in Chicago is Grand Avenue, just west of Halsted. Not only is it my own ‘hood, but I love the collection of 100-year-old storefronts and old buildings unscathed by too many new condo developments. One of those memorable storefronts is Terry’s Toffee, marked by a chocolate brown sign, ever-changing display of twinkling lights, and life-size Oscar sign to signify the toffee’s appearance in the swag bags at the Academy Awards year after year. Terry’s was born 7 years ago when Terry Opalek and his partner Michael Frontier started getting creative with toffee (based on Opalek’s grandmother’s toffee recipe), and eventually opened their flagship shop and mini factory in a former bakery. They’ll celebrate 5 years in the same location this February, making more than just celebs happy with varieties like Lavenilla (lavender and Madagascar vanilla infused toffee dipped in white chocolate), Koffee Toffee (espresso toffee in dark chocolate, and Asian Accent (ginger-wasabi pea toffee in dark chocolate). The place is party, hostess gift or just munch-an-entire bag-on-your-own central, and if you’re celebrating Hannukah tonight (or anytime over the next 8 days), the signature Mazel Toffee; a crunchy, salty, chocolate combination of Matzo with toffee and milk chocolate, is fully stocked (with samples!) and totally blows away a bland bag of Hannukah gelt, and the plastic gold net it comes in. 1117 W. Grand Ave., 312.733.2700

Free samples of Terry's signature flavors, try to try just one..yeah, just try.

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