Graham Elliot

I hadn’t eaten at the former Allen’s restaurant in years, but all I remember is lots and lots of wood. Since former Avenues Chef Graham Elliot recently took over with his namesake restaurant, there is still a lot of wood, but now there are cool mod lampshades, narrow windows that reveal lemons that reach to infinity, and the chef’s own iPod cranking out everything from Postal Service to Led Zeppelin. And the food? Don’t let the kitsch of Pop Rocks, Cheez-its and popcorn fool you, everything is delicious from the Buffalo chicken with blue cheese and Budweiser foam (pictured below) to the Hawaiian wahoo with forbidden rice, peanut sauce and lime foam. 217 W. Huron St., 312.624.9975

Buffalo chicken wing with Budweiser foam

Buffalo chicken with Budweiser foam


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