Sensory overload at NYC Bagel Deli

A lox of crap

It’s almost beautiful in all of its colorful chaos, but why does the New York City Bagel always have to be so cluttered? There are four, count ’em, four brand-happy drink coolers where there could be more tables for me to enjoy the over-stuffed bagel sandwiches and black and white cookies. Every inch of the wall is covered with NYC and Chicago nostalgia, framed press clips and accolades, and you almost don’t even notice the ubiquitous TV affixed in the corner. Eh, I guess that’s an authentic Big Apple deli for you. First one to spot Tom Selleck gets to guest blog about their favorite restaurant! 1001 W. North Ave., 312.274.1278



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4 responses to “Sensory overload at NYC Bagel Deli

  1. tk

    Left corner above Tropicana cooler…but girl, ain’t that Burt Reynolds?

  2. Yes, TK, my bad. You win two guest blog posts.

  3. Actually, what I meant to say was, yes, that’s Burt Reynolds. I think Tom Selleck is hiding somewhere in there too.

  4. It really annoys me that you can’t wash your hands there. WTF?

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