BST: Carver sandwiches at Emerald Loop

Unfortunately I didn’t get to experience it, but a massive roast beef carver sandwich with gravy-soaked mashed potatoes and frothy Guinness was enjoyed at the Emerald Loop (216 N. Wabash) for this week’s Big Sandwich Tuesday. Watch for reports from the next BST at Heaven on Seven..or Sultan’s Market..or La Pasadita? Extra delicious photos courtesy of BST regular Jeff Hottinger.



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5 responses to “BST: Carver sandwiches at Emerald Loop

  1. Bill

    Corned beef > roast beef

  2. tk

    Dear Mr. JHot,

    When do Elizabites and Toki get to tag along on these sandwich excursions? We will not disappoint or complain about any sandwich location choices. Since we both have 4 stomachs, we need to eat often and enjoy hearty sandwiches. 🙂

  3. L4M

    Emerald’s sandwiches are delicious, but their wait staff isn’t too super. If you sit down and order the carving station, they tell you to get it yourself. You then get up order and pay for the station and still have to give the waitstaff a tip. What’s that about? Here’s a tip, go get my sandwich.

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