Big sandwiches at Farmerie 58

The Bistro Burger

The Bistro Burger

The Big Sandwich Tuesday crew lived on the edge this week, and gathered on a Wednesday to take advantage of the surprisingly big sandwiches on Farmerie 58‘s lunch menu. They offer a pretty nifty lunch special of $18 for two courses, and you definitely won’t leave hungry with first course options like lobster bisque and a chopped salad. Second course options include two-fisters like a bistro burger with applewood-smoked bacon, Amish chicken sandwich and a salmon BLT with tarragon aïoli and red wine vinaigrette. I loved that the salmon sandwich came on toasted multi-grain, the fish was perfectly cooked and the aïoli added herby flavor and juiciness without the soggy. My companion, a Big Sandwich Tuesday veteran, tried to devour his bistro burger but only got half-way through. Our third companion went the route of wild boar pasta, a homey hearty mix of wild boar, Italian sausage, rapini, tomato, basil and pecorino. But he couldn’t keep his hands off the truffle frites that come with our sandwiches. At first glance they look like those crunchy, salty shoe string potatoes that just make you crave a classic wedge or waffle fry, but they are surprisingly good, crunchy only on the outside and soft inside with a hint of truffle oil essence. Farmerie’s lunch special is pretty decent, but I can’t say the same for the room. Granted, it was about 3-degrees outside, the space feels a little cold and sparse, with a lot of room for what doesn’t look like a lot of tables. I didn’t see it in its previous life as Republic Pan-Asian Restaurant, but I think I expected a more vibrant milieu. My dining companion referenced a random raw bar on the second floor, but we never ventured upstairs. Cold spaces aside, the truffle fries, pasta and big sandwiches warmed us up nonetheless. The dinner menu looks more striped bass and short rib ravioli than sandwiches, so I’ll definitely be back for what may be a totally different vibe at night. 58 E. Ontario, 312.440.1818.
Pan-roasted salmon BLT

Pan-roasted salmon BLT

Wild boar pasta

Wild boar pasta



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7 responses to “Big sandwiches at Farmerie 58

  1. tk

    oh..ok….my voicemail must’ve been full. WHAT?! where was i for this adventure and WHY was i not invited. (sigh). unacceptable elizabites. you can’t eat an obscene amount of food like this and not bring along your other “four stomachs” food companion!

  2. Jeff

    Man, I almost couldn’t finish that same burger twice when I reheated it in the Toaster Oven for second-lunch.

    Luckily there was a friend nearby to belittle my manhood, and I was remotivated to scarf it down. Thank god, I don’t want people thinking I’m like Tim “please take it away, I’m done” Bluey.

  3. Bill

    TK – you would have been invited, but we just assumed you would have declined for “family reasons” again.

  4. Liz, I cannot view this content when I’m still trying to be on the Flat Belly Diet. C’mon.

  5. tk

    Let’s be honest….you are intimidated by my eating prowess. Is that a challenge? I think so, my friend. Until we eat again…. 🙂


  6. Bill

    TK – you have never participated nor even witnessed the glory that is Big Sandwich Tuesday. And if I remember correctly, you couldn’t even handle a Kuma burger. So quit typing, check the number of stamps on your Salad Spinner frequent buyer card and go “enjoy” some bean sprouts. Leave the gluttony to those of us who consider salt a vitamin and lager an essential block in the food pyramid.

  7. tk


    I have only seen you devour a massive amount of food at Kuma’s….which leads me to believe you are just a one trick pony. Keep in mind, I have a nickname to back up my skillz. Salad Spinner? Never heard….

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