Friendship Chinese Restaurant

I knew the Chinese food from Friendship restaurant was going to be good when they handed me my take-out order in a cardboard cake box rather than a grease-spotted lunch bag. I was even more surprised when I found the fluffy white rice packed in a round, microwavable container, my orange chicken in a separate plastic box and the lightly fried, almost flaky egg rolls in a hot dog container rather than half falling out of a greasy wax paper bag. I’ve heard that Friendship was a great spot for years, and was reminded once again when chef Shawn McClain of Spring restaurant mentioned it as one of his favorite local restaurants in the Q & A posted last week. It’s always been a struggle for me to find good Chinese food ever since the Milwaukee-based China Palace closed last year, much to the dismay of my siblings and I (15 years of Sunday night dinners!). In Chicago, I had to either schlep out to Chinatown or reluctantly settle on River North’s Yu Choy (I’ve been ordering from this place for years like a bad date that I just kept saying yes to for no good reason). But, the Chinese food mystery has been solved now that I’ve found Friendship. Of course, I drove by about 5 times on Friday before I finally spotted it, and had to battle a doorway-full of waiting customers to pick up my take-out, but it was all worth it for lightly fried and fresh egg rolls with pork, shrimp and vegetables with sweet and sour sauce, and the spicy, sweet and tangy honey orange all-white meat chicken tossed in Grand Marnier and Szechwan red chili with orange slices. Although more contemporary than a classic Chinese restaurant, the rest of the menu was right up my alley with tasty-sounding items like curried basil chicken, honey walnut shrimp and spicy merlot beef. And with their delivery zone ending two measly blocks from my house, I’ll definitely be back for more take-out or to experience the restaurant (which was the only thing going off on a sleepy strip of N. Milwaukee Ave.). Don’t get me wrong, I still loves me a Chinatown feast (at Lao or Joy Yee), but if I’m looking for something closer, I’ll opt for a newfound Friendship. 2830 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773.227.0970 (be ready for a busy signal during dinner)


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  1. JF

    Glad to see Friendship getting a shout out. That place is amazing (and they deliver with GrubHub which is a huge plus).

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