Recipe: Country-style tart apple pie

You may think that elizabites is all about stuffing your face, but from time to time, it’s about cooking or baking something, and then stuffing your face. On the tails of revealing my family’s sugar-coated eating habits in my last post, I wanted to take this opportunity to demonstrate how they are capable of using sugar in much more productive ways. Every Thanksgiving my dad whips up the most amazing apple pies (almost) from scratch, and I felt it was time to reveal the surprisingly simple recipe. He’s partial to store bought pie crusts, but feel free to use your own crust recipe. Just add a glass pie pan, Jonathan or Granny Smith apples (a tart variety is key), lemon, butter, cinnamon, sugar. Amounts, method and photos below.

For one pie, use 4-6 apples (Jonathan, Granny Smith or another tart variety will work), and 3 lemons.

Peel, core and thinly slice apples. This speedy hand-cranked corer takes care of all three at once.

Unroll defrosted pie crust and lay on bottom of pie pan. Add first layer of sugar (3 TBS), butter (3 tsp), cinnamon (2 TBS), a squeeze of half a lemon.

Add layer of sliced apples. Proceed to build up 4 layers of butter, sugar, cinnamon and lemon followed by a layer of apple slices until a round mound forms. Note: Ingredient amounts are approximations, add more sugar if you want a sweeter pie, more lemon for more tartness. Make sure final layer is topped with sugar, butter, cinnamon, lemon combo.

Cover pie with top crust layer and cover again with butter, sugar, cinnamon and lemon. Slice 4-5 holes in the top.
Bake at 425 degrees F for 45 min.

Let cool, slice and enjoy. Lasts 2-3 days.
Next up, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies..stay tuned.



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3 responses to “Recipe: Country-style tart apple pie

  1. Robert

    Does the Culinary Institute recommend barefoot coring and peeling of the apples to add an even more country style flavor for the pies?

  2. Robert,
    Those would be my sister’s feet, and yes, we were being a little bit country.

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