Hoosier Mama Pie


Apple Pie from Hoosier Mama

The best part about guest-speaking for my friend’s writing class is getting to dig into the apple pie she brought in from Hoosier Mama for her students to try and then write about as an assignment. I’ve been inside the bite-sized 1940’s-style West Town shop before (the former FanSiPan), but have yet to actually try a slice. This actually turned out better because I got to see a whole golden apple pie in all its maple-leaf emblazoned glory. I love the exaggerated zig-zag crust and uneven knife cuts that remind me of my dad’s homemade apple pie he whips up at Thanksgiving. Because it was eaten away off the premises, it was room temperature when we devoured it, but still deliciously tart, with big chunks of diced apples and a buttery flaky crust. I do love apple, but I need to go back for strawberry-rhubarb pie, peanut butter pie and chocolate cream pie with bananas (which I swear I perfected at age 9 but haven’t had since). Expect a separate post on all of the aforementioned greatness. What’s also great is the tag and cool strings tied around the big white to-go box. 1618 1/2 Chicago Ave., 312.243.4846

Retro pie tag from Hoosier Mama


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