Meals on Wheels at Macy’s

We pretty much had to roll ourselves out of Macy’s Friday night after making our way through the Meals on Wheels Celebrity Chef Ball in cocktail dresses and heels. Between holding our drinks, juggling tasting plates and salivating, it was hard to get a ton of pictures, but I did capture the lovely presentation of mini sweet and savory tarts from Fox & Obel. More than 60 chefs took part in the annual event, each creating one item to taste. We saw lots of pork, duck, mushrooms and fall veggies being used in dishes, and a few standouts included a pork tenderloin mole with guac from Adobo Grill, a bbq bacon burger from Marc Burger and a delicious stone crab bisque soup from Joe’s Seafood, Steaks and Stone Crab. I also loved sweet potato cupcakes from Bleeding Heart Bakery and chocolates from Sarah’s Pastries. We miraculously still had room for a final stop at the Berry Chill stand, and eyed (but resisted) the Frango mints on the way out.

Caramel crunch, lemon-cucumber, rhubarb and apricot walnut tarts from Fox & Obel


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