The search for scones

I think it was my father who recently asked me what a scone was. My initial reaction was a smug, “Um it’s like, you know,… a scone. Duh.” But when I tried to actually describe one, it wasn’t as easy as I initially thought. They aren’t cupcakes or muffins, nor are they quite cake, bread, a cookie, biscotti or even a biscuit—but they sort of combine textures, flavors and ingredients from all of the aforementioned carbs into one delicious tea-dunkin’ treat that gets you in touch with your British side. And clotted-cream-filled or not, whenever I see a homemade scone on a brunch menu (as I did at Lula Cafe over the weekend), I always try to convince the table to order one to share. We let the bread basket fill us up before every other meal, so why should breakfast be an exception? Lula changes up their brunch scones, and ours was a warm milk chocolate chip (covered with those large, crunchy granules of sugar I could just eat all their own) with homemade strawberry preserves. Restaurants like Sepia and Gioco offer homemade scones on their brunch menus, and there’s got to be more. Or at least there should be. Anyone know of any others?

Milk chocolate chip scone with strawberry preserves at Lula Cafe


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One response to “The search for scones

  1. Matthew Frank

    Unless I’m recalling a very good dream, I think Hot Chocolate knocked out a killer scone. I remember something about house-made marshmallows, subtle lighting, and a rich moist crumb…

    By the way, a disproportionate amount of chefs adore Cafe Lula, many of them dubbing it the best spot in the city. I’ve got to get back there for brunch. I have not had their scone, but their chefs certainly have deft hands when it comes to stinging nettles. It’s worth my train ride from Michigan (and more).

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