On the hook

Never mind the underside of this counter at Rockstar Dogs and pay attention to the hooks. Man, do I love it when a bar or restaurant installs hooks in front of the bar stools. Such a simple, little, inexpensive detail that stays hidden and completely changes your wining/dining experience. They are especially great in winter when you don’t particularly want to sit on your massive coat, or when you just want to keep an eye on your purse or bag. I noticed hooks at the bar at new Bucktown hotspot The Bristol last week (more on that amazing dinner to come in a later post), and I know there are a smattering of other local spots that are down with the bar hooks as well. You’d think they’d be a Chicago bar standard, like a huddle of smokers shivering out front or original tin ceilings, but alas, they are not. At least not yet. Here’s to more bars and restaurants hooking it up.



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5 responses to “On the hook

  1. This is one of the key elements I look for in order to judge the awesomeness of a pub thoroughly. I’ve found publicans very receptive to the installing them if I ask, too. Even in San Diego!

  2. Laura

    I have raved about these in the past. There is one issue that bar owners have pointed out to me – when a hook breaks and a drunkard patron gets a nice, deep cut in their hand or knee it creates a but of a problem. But for the rest of us they are fabulous.

  3. A Rockstar Dogs is opening in my hood. Good?

  4. Yes! I love Rock Star Dogs, especially the fries and late-night hours. The new spot will be at 350 W. Armitage..not sure of the opening date.

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