On the hook, part 2

Even though Rockstar Dogs in West Town is (sadly) long gone, only to replaced by a somewhat weird sort of burger joint I have yet to try, a while back I dedicated a blog post to the hooks affixed under the counter at the tiny hot dog joint. Hooks under bars or communal seating areas are the first thing I look for when I sit down, and there’s really no excuse for a restaurant not to install them for purses, coats, etc. Truly, the entire dining experience is made better because of it. I understand not every seating situation is hook-friendly, but if you head to Tru they offer up a purse “stand” or at least they used to, and Blackbird offers an optional hook that rests right on your table. Brilliant.

Hooked up at Blackbird


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  1. I do that at bars too & hope when I am running my hand under the bar that I find a hook & not something gross!

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