Taylor’s Refresher

img_3984I was already pretty full when I hit up the original location of Taylor’s Refresher in Napa. But just the mere thought of garlic butter and parsley french fries was enough to spark my appetite. The place looks like an updated 1950s-style drive-in with a perpetual line of hungry winery-visitors looking to nosh on amazingly juicy burgers, fries (they have sweet potato and chili cheese too), and thick Double Rainbow gourmet ice cream milkshakes in flavors like strawberry, white pistachio and blueberry. They also have half a dozen beers on tap from Napa Smith wheat to Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale served in corn plastic cups, and plenty of vino by the glass, bottle and half-bottle. The Napa Valley location has been there since 1949, but other locations have opened in San Francisco and Napa’s Oxbow market. Chicago next? Please? 644 1st Street, Napa Valley, Calif. 707.224.6900


Garlic butter and parsley fries with a toasted egg bun burger slathered in a secret sauce


Communal tables come with napkin dispensers and hungry guests waiting for their orders.


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