Milk & Honey granola grows

I don’t think a weekend goes by where I don’t totally crave the yogurt parfait from Milk & Honey Cafe in Wicker Park, and I’ll happily brave the sometimes ornery line to get one to go. The best part about it is chef-owner Carol Watson’s addictive homemade granola, which first showed its sweet self in the parfait in 2002, and has since spread everywhere from the shelves of Whole Foods to the topping bar at Berry Chill. So, I was overjoyed to discover on my last visit to the café that Watson’s expanded the selection to include reduced fat cinnamon raisin, chocolate banana, blueberry pecan, and pumpkin spice, and I can’t wait to try ’em all, with or without yogurt. 1920 W. Division St., 773.395.9434


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  1. Liz – it was great seeing you recently at the dan gigs and the after dan at that crazy metal burger place. Your blog is fun reading, but I am glad I don’t live near any of the places whose delights you recommend – I would weigh, like, 250 lbs. Happy Thanksgiving.

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