Happy Thanksgiving


Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Like everyone else, I’ll be giving thanks for my family, friends, and hearty appetite today. I also wanted to give thanks to the readers, commenters, subscribers, linkers, guest bloggers, and all y’all who’ve kept up with my four-stomach eating adventures for 5 months! In honor of this day of indulgence, here’s a recap of a few Thanksgiving-friendly recipes I’ve posted in the past. Go ahead, there’s still room for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake shots, right? Right! Speaking of recipes, I’ll be adding another family-gem recipe over the weekend, the very retro and very simple ice box cake. Cook well, eat better and ease up on the tryptophan, yo.
Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
Country-style apple pie
Chocolate cake shots


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