Not known for: Calamari at Kuma’s Corner

Kuma's is definitely not known for their fried calamari

Kuma's is definitely not known for their fried calamari

I haven’t done a “not known for” for a minute, so I’ll remind you how it works. One item at a restaurant is hyped and written about to death (ribs at Twin Anchors, Key lime pie at Joe’s Stone Crab, mussels and frites at Hopleaf). Then I go in and find something else on the menu that rocks, but often gets overshadowed by the highlighted staple. Man these can be hard to do. Mostly because I go into the restaurants craving what they are known for, naturally. But, in the name of the post, I have been venturing to other parts of the menu, and last weekend it happened at Kuma’s Corner. The dark, loud, gritty bar dipped in heavy metal, tatted up and peppered with carnivorous bear paraphernalia (kuma means bear in Japanese) is known for their great burgers, namely the signature massive Kuma Burger; thick juicy perfectly cooked Angus beef patty, crisp bacon, Cheddar, a fried egg, romaine and tomato on a soft, salty pretzel roll. Of course we had to order a couple for the table, and even waited almost 2 and half hours to finally sink our teeth into the damn thing close to midnight. It was divine. But…the lightly fried calamari appetizer with spicy cherry peppers is almost as delicious, with a creamy-citrusy lemon aïoli on the side that tones down the mix of peppers and fresh, virtually un-rubbery calamari. A suggestion from my friend, a Kuma’s regular, it was a surprising hit and held us all over while we awaited what the restaurant is known for, and rightly so, the legendary and award-winning Kuma Burger. I had been to Kuma’s only once before. Years ago, on a first date, where I (for some godforsaken reason) ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich. Let’s just say there wasn’t a second date and now I understand why. Go to Kuma’s for the burger, but start with the hidden-gem calamari. Kuma’s Corner, 2900 W. Belmont Ave., 773.604.8769



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2 responses to “Not known for: Calamari at Kuma’s Corner

  1. melissa

    Ohhhh yaaaa! Sooo good. I love Kuma’s Corner. Along with the best burgers in Chicago & super friendly service, which totally suprised me, their calamari is great. Along with the fried calamari & fried cherry peppers, the appetizer also has thinly sliced fried lemons. Nice & tart to cut the heaviness of the friedness(if that is a word!) We shouldn’t even start talking about the bbq pork fries!

  2. I didn’t notice the fried lemons! And I will definitely be back to try the bbq pork fries!

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