Eliz-a-tips and Solly’s Grille

If you haven’t noticed the eliz-a-bit and eliz-a-tip listed off to the side yet, keep on eye on these relatively new blog bits as I try to change them out every few days. I was about to change the Heinz 57 tip out tonight, but spotted someone over the weekend at Milwaukee’s historic hamburger destination Solly’s Grille whose face was turning redder than the ketchup that wasn’t coming out of the glass Heinz bottle as he repeatedly and violently smacked the thing from the bottom. After what seemed like five cringeworthy minutes, he resorted to the effective, but highly unsanitary knife-in-the-bottle trick. So, I’ll keep the tip for now, and throw in a report this week of something much less frustrating that I experienced at Solly’s, the award-winning and artery-clogging butter burger.


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