Larry’s Brown Deer Market

A hidden-gem specialty foods store in Brown Deer

A hidden-gem specialty foods store in Brown Deer

To think I grew up mere blocks from this place and I never knew it existed until now. A foodie friend told me about Larry’s Market in Brown Deer, Wisconsin and I made a stop there over the weekend only to stumble upon everything from imported cheeses, to applewood smoked Nueske’s beef jerky, fresh bakery, local beer, arborio rice, wine, homemade candy, gourmet mustards, olive oils, maple syrups and seasonings, elaborate gift baskets and tons of other gourmet goodies. The place is a little hidden, but worth a visit if you’re heading up north, or are looking for a block of Cheddar fit for a UW-Badger. I may never open this, but as a Madison alum, I had to have this cheese. Larry’s Brown Deer Market, 8737 N. Brown Deer Dr., 414.355.9650.
"Bucky Badger" mild Cheddar cheese by Jim's Cheese Pantry, Waterloo, WI

"Bucky Badger" mild Cheddar cheese by Jim's Cheese Pantry, Waterloo, WI



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5 responses to “Larry’s Brown Deer Market

  1. Kelly Aiglon

    brown deer props – you’ve made my day.

  2. Oh, just wait for my review of the Old Country Buffet.

  3. Robert

    That’s it? No photos of the prepared food case? Only one shot of the cheese case and did it really have to be the Badger? Not nearly as cute as Bruno the Bear – but then again you weren’t in Providence. The candy, the beverages, baked goods, gift baskets? Oh Liz! It’s almost as bad as you not knowing about Larry’s in the first place and having to have a Chicagoan tell you about it. Hrumph!

  4. Robert,
    Quit hatin’.
    PS..Bruno the Bear?…huh?

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