Hometown toffee

Mrs. Goodman smashes a fresh tray of toffee with a wooden mallet

Well, it was an expectedly good eating weekend in Milwaukee, of course, with visits to Coerper’s 5 O’clock Club for juicy steaks, a new burger place called Stack’d for bbq bison burgers with onion rings, a stop at Larry’s Brown Deer market, and of course, a 10-person Thanksgiving dinner with my family. But one of the highlights of the holiday is a tradition that goes back at least 12 years. It is the homemade chocolate and butterscotch toffee one of my closest childhood friend’s mother seems to have on constant supply. Of course, this is the kind of house were the minute you walk in, chocolate chip pancakes are being whipped up, a cake is being frosted and warm brie is coming out of the oven to spread on brioche. But it’s the toffee that’s truly addicting, and you can’t pay a visit to their home and not leave armed with a bag full of the stuff, freshly broken with wooden mallet. It has the consistency of crunchy brittle, is dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with crushed almond, and, impossible to put down. Hmm..now to just snag the recipe..


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  1. Melissa

    Hmmm, maybe a bag of that toffee should be a prize in one of the mystery posts…….

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