Mexican Coca-Cola

Mexican Coca-Cola; made with sugar instead of corn syrup

Speaking of Andy (see Eliz-a-bit quote), I meant to put up this shot of a bottle of Coke purchased by my friend from a Brooklyn bodega while I was iin NYC a few weeks ago. He insisted the imported formula, made with sugar, was far superior to the corn syrup-laden stuff we grew up guzzling. While I’m not a soda drinker (maaaybe Sierra Mist from a fast food fountain over ice if I am hungover or sick, maaaybe), all of the stuff tastes like pure sugar to me whether it’s made with well, sugar, or corn syrup. I did detect a crisper taste, with slightly less throat-coating after-taste residue), and I also believe soda (or anything) tastes better in a thick, glass bottle, yet it was still too sweet to finish a whole bottle. Any thoughts on the difference if you’ve tried both versions? Leave them in the comments below.


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