Hitachino White Ale

Oh Hitachino, why are you so hard to find and why don’t you come in a 6-pack? If you haven’t tried this fantastic Japanese beer I highly recommend, both for its flavor and cool owl label that looks lifted from a 1970s crochet project. They offer a variety of beers (like Amber, Red Rice and Pale Ale), but I love the sushi-and-seafood-friendly light white ale, which flaunts the bold flavor profile of Blue Moon, but without the heavy wheaty orange notes, and almost pulpy texture often perpetuated by, well, an orange. Actually, I’ve spotted Hitachino on more and more on beer bottle lists, but has anyone ever seen it on tap?smallbeer



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5 responses to “Hitachino White Ale

  1. they have it in spades (though not in 6-packs) at whole foods! and iirc, whole foods offers a 10% discount if you buy by the case.

  2. Bill M.

    I recommend Hitachino XH. A friend bought one for me at the Map Room, and it would be my beverage of choice, if it were not cost prohibitive. (I’m stocking tuna and soup for the coming depression. How long ’til clam chowder spoils?)

  3. Thanks! Good to know about Whole Foods! I spotted some at Sam’s once, but they only had like two bottles left. And, yes, Map Room is the greatest. I say skip the tuna, soup and chowda altogether and fill up on Hitachino, Allagash White or Unibroue.

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