New brews

Maybe it’s the balmy weather or the frosty Hitachino ale I got to sip last night, but I’ve been meaning to write about a couple of killer beers I’ve recently discovered. I pretty much can’t go to Avec without ordering the wood-roasted chicken thigh, and the Blanche de Bruxelles is the perfect beer accompaniment. A suggestion from our server, I loved its slight orange flavor and custom glass, and even though it’s on the heavier side and slightly cloudy because of the wheat percentage, it didn’t fill us up before dinner. I discovered another star-crossed beer pairing more recently at The Publican when Goose Island Pere Jacques met the house pork rinds. Any other food-friendly new (or new to you) brews?



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2 responses to “New brews

  1. catherine

    I’m a big fan of Bell’s. Added bonus: ordering in the US almost guarantees a nice yankee buying it for you. Unlike in some other country that shall remain nameless…

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