New brews take 2

Rader blonde

Rader blonde

Last spring I did a post on Blanche de Bruxelles and Goose Island Pere Jacques, two new brews that had recently captured my palate and became my favorite food-pairing selections. This week, I’ve discovered two more to add to the list, Radermacher blonde (experienced at The Bluebird and Rootstock in the same weekend!) and an amazingly random and delicious brew called Coney Island Albino python. Spotted at Rodan, the name caught my eye first, followed by the description which included white ale lager with spices of orange, ginger and fennel, and six different types of malt. If that wasn’t intriguing enough, the menu also said that a portion of the profits go towards restoring Coney but creepy? When our waitress informed us there was only one 22 Oz. bottle left, we had to have it. Where had it been all my life? The beer had all the light-yet-robust notes of a Belgian white ale, with a spicy finish and easy drinkability (although it poured on the foamy side). After the initial sip and a rest on your palate, the spices and herb flavors are subtle and slightly fragrant. Right along with it was the Radermacher blonde from one of Belgium’s oldest distilleries (founded 1836). With hints of gin (from the juniper berries) and lemon and a slightly tart and an almost effervescent mouthfeel, this would be amazing with spicy or greasy foods. Or, as I indulged, all on its own.
Coney Island Albino Python

Coney Island Albino Python


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