Today is the first day of my favorite month of the year. October means it’s not quite cold enough for annoying hats, gloves, 10-minute car-defrosting sessions or teeth-chattering, shoulder-hunching why-the-f-do-I-live here trots to the car, but there’s enough of a chill in the air to constitute leather boots, long scarves and hair virtually unscathed by humidity. It means thermostats switched off, a sort of rich, golden light that fills the air on sunny days, and all things pumpkin. Speaking of which, October also means hot chocolate from Xoco (yeah, yum), bubble tea from Saint’s Alp, and homey, comforting dishes on restaurant menus. There’s plenty to taste around town this fall, and I’m open to hearing your suggestions, comments, concerns and general observations. Drop a line in the comments if there’s something you want more of, less or (more mystery? less random tables?), or a place/drink/vino I’ve got to try. Also! In honor of my favorite month, look to the right, scroll down and take a second to subscribe to the blog via RSS or email. It’s fun, free, and you’ll won’t miss a bite all fall.


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