The Bongo Room


Red corn pancake with fresh cranberries and pecan honey maple butter

Why is it about brunch at the Bongo Room that makes it simultaneously the best and the worst idea ever? While decadent stacks of pancakes doused in combinations of chocolate, banana and whipped cream beckon, long waits for a table are pretty much a given on the weekends, at least at the Wicker Park location. They give you coffee in cool thick mugs while you wait, but you still have to see the colorful mélange of desserts-on-a-plate swoosh by en route to other tables as you wait for what feels like hours. But when you do finally sit, as we did at the South Loop location on Saturday, it somehow makes it all worth while. I can appreciate the sweet stuff, but the salty always wins out and I end up getting a veggie omelet or salmon Benedict with dill Hollandaise sauce, and throw in a single pancake on the side to try. The restaurant is great about keeping their decadent classics on the menu, but also mixes things up with sweet and savory concoctions like white chocolate and caramel-covered pretzel, which in theory sounded amazing, but was a stomach ache waiting to happen. The red corn pancake with fresh cranberries and pecan-honey maple butter special, however, was way more my speed. I’m obsessed with red corn, which creates a slight cornbread texture while the fresh cranberries offer touches of tart sweetened out by the spreadable maple butter and powdered sugar on top. I ordered the side dish of one, but could easily have polished off a full stack. The Bongo Room, 1152 S. Wabash Ave., 312.291.0100.


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  1. Agree completely. I hate the wait, but love the food.

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