Bar Deville

img_4580My obsession with neon signs continues as I simultaneously rejoice a new cool bar in the ‘hood from the guys behind Empire Liquors and Angels & Kings. I had heard rumblings of Bar Deville coming to East Village/Ukie Village for some time, and I finally checked it out over the weekend. It was on the early side and I don’t know how crowded the place gets late night, but I imagine the plush antique couches and chairs nestled into groups in the back room fill up fast. Gritty brick walls give the back area a cozy, cavernous feel, while the simple front room has a speakeasy vibe with a refurbished art deco bar, large wooden booths, small tables and dim lighting unmarred by beer signs or large plasma screens (there are two subtle ones above the bar). So glad it won’t be ruined by cigarette smoke or Golden Tee, and I loved that they had a Dark and Stormy drink special. 701 N. Damen Ave., 312.929.2349



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3 responses to “Bar Deville

  1. tk

    It ain’t no 1056 though….sigh. Although, no plasma screens?! NICE! Now that’s a rarity.

  2. Bill

    I agree with TK. I had high hopes, only to be disappointed by the prices. Don’t the owners know the address? It is south of Chicago. At least the bouncers aren’t trying to freestyle…

    With Jameson shots for $7, my visits to this place will be few and far between. Which is unfortunate, given its location and my love of the drink.

  3. Brad

    I apologize for any price discrepancy. It seems our bartenders charged you the wrong amount. Jameson shots are $5. Bill, please come by and ask for me. I will buy you a shot.
    Brad Bolt
    Managing Partner

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