Not known for: Baked four-cheese macaroni at Fat Willy’s

Most people know that I am a diehard Twin Anchors devotee, but I also love the barbecue ribs from Fat Willy’s. They aren’t slathered in T.A.’s intoxicating zesty sauce, but the ribs themselves seem meatier, more tender and a lot smokier (but Twin will always win out for atmosphere). Besides the killer ribs, I recently discovered a hidden “not known for” gem at the Fat, the baked four-cheese macaroni. Penne pasta is loaded up with Cheddar, gruyère, Parmesan and fontina, and each hearty serving is baked-to-order until bubbly and golden brown. And luckily, the aluminum delivery containers travel quite well when it’s just too damn cold and wet for you to want to travel, well, anywhere. Fat Willy’s, 2416 W. Shubert Ave., 773.782.1800



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3 responses to “Not known for: Baked four-cheese macaroni at Fat Willy’s

  1. Good lord, keep it away from me!

  2. Robert

    It’s blasphemous to order anything other than the Full Slab at Fat Willy’s!

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