Fried mac and cheese at Rocks

The only thing I had ever heard about Rocks Bar was the massive chunks of ice they plunked in their cocktails, but, um, not a peep about the fried mac and cheese appetizer. I’m on a bit of a mac and cheese kick lately (growing up on Kraft brand mac and cheese jaded me for far too long), and have been looking for restaurants that serve up the best—I mean besides this. Served with barbecue sauce, these fried beauties at Rocks have the slightly sweet not-too-crispy coating of McDonald’s chicken nuggets, with macaroni and Cheddar filling that isn’t over-stuffed or overly decadent. After trying them and raving, there were rumblings in the bar of other forms of the fried mac and cheese appetizer around town that were comparable if not better than Rocks. Burt’s in Morton Grove maybe? I wasn’t sure. I know Citizen once did a fried mac and cheese ball…anyone encounter this creation somewhere else? Please share, and while we’re at it, feel free to weigh in (no pun intended) on other interesting fried things you’ve recently seen around town. img_1079photo by steve baker



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3 responses to “Fried mac and cheese at Rocks

  1. I had a dinner full of fried deliciousness at Martini Park last week. Fried rock shrimp. Fried butterfly shrimp. Fried rice balls. Fried onion rings. They must have one hell of a fryer in that kitchen.

    That same night, we listened to a lounge singer who looked a lot like you (but not as pretty, obvi!). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xxoo

  2. Amy

    Such an old entry but I’ve been reading you all night! (thanks google reader recommends)

    Muskie’s (down the street from Rocks off of Schubert/Diverseyish) also has killer Mac and Cheese bites. I used to live on Schubert and many a night my roommate or I would run down to Rocks to get our Mac and Cheese bite fix. Mmm.

    Excellent blog!

  3. Thanks Amy! Glad you appreciate mac and cheese bites as much as I do. I will have to try Muskie’s. I feel like I have driven by that place a thousand times, and never stopped in. Now I have an excuse!

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