This week my friend and local writer Amalie blogged about miniature horses, the cool kids of Louisville and Chick-fil-A. The mere mention of this chicken sandwich haven brings back Milwaukee Northridge Mall food-court memories of my 12-year-old self furiously debating between Sbarro and that baked potato place (the name escapes me, anyone?). Of course, I had to save room for a 730-calorie Cinnabon, so Chick-fil-A always won out. I love grilled chicken sandwiches, but most fast food versions use suspect chicken breasts that are bland, dry and rubbery. But Chick-fil-A always tasted fresher and more flavorful, probably due to the hand-breading and extra seasoning, and they pretty much set the precedent for the perfect waffle fry. Eventually Northridge Mall closed up shop, taking Spencer’s Gifts and Ponderosa Steakhouse with it, as well as Chick-fil-A. From a quick search on their surprisingly comprehensive Web site, it looks like the closest location might be in Racine, but Amalie swears by an Indiana location she frequents. I’m down to road trip it to either one. Cinnabon on the other hand? Not sure I could still stomach..



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10 responses to “Chick-fil-A

  1. Kevin

    Baked potato place: 1 potato 2 potato (or something like that)

    I totally remember when it was in Northridge, and there was one in the mall in Florida, I used to go to with my grandparents

  2. Thanks Kevin,
    Yes, I think 1 potato 2 is right. Also, do you think the goose bun at wooden goose is the next best thing to a cinnabon?

  3. Sarah N.

    Ok…In reference to Cinnabons…I can’t even believe that I’m promoting this…the Cinnamon Melt at McDonalds is almost better if not better than a Cinnabon, the only thing is the process that goes into making one is not nearly as facinating as when they make cinnabons (basically they come in frozen and they get popped in the high speed baking thing) But as someone who loved Cinnabons back in the day of Northridge-this definatley brings back those memories.

  4. Cinnamon melt..hmmm..very intriguing. I noticed that Starbucks has also introduced a new cinnamon roll that looks mighty tasty.

  5. Kevin

    Nothing compares to the deliciousness of a Goosebun

    I love them both, but Wooden Goose has my heart, so Goosebuns win anyday:)

  6. We shoulda ordered the goosebun…

  7. Kevin

    We have (repeat have) to get one next time you are in town.

  8. Kelly Aiglon

    don’t forget about another old standby: orange julius.

  9. Liz

    Ah the Julius…good thing it’s found it’s way onto Damen Avenue in Bucktown..

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