The best eats of ’08

Holy carbs. To think this face-stuffing extravaganza (food porn, one friend dubbed it) I call elizabites has made it six months, leaving a hefty trail of calories, dining bills, satisfied dining companions, and valet tickets in its wake. I loaded up on red velvet cupcakes, and had to trek to Milwaukee to find a ridiculous steak fit for a king. I fell in love with new restaurants like Mado, The Bristol and Urban Belly, gushed over old standbys like Milk and Honey and Le Bouchon, and developed a relentless addiction to Berry Chill. I schleped out to Downer’s Grove for steamed hot dogs, attempted to uncover the mystery that is Duk’s, and prayed fervently to the duck sausage at a temple of encased meats. But there’s so much more to digest in Chicago and beyond as I plan to take elizabites to Chile in January, Las Vegas in March, New York City in May and more. Watch for posts from these destinations as well as usual updates from Milwaukee and other hidden Wisconsin gems. Look for more guest bloggers, head-scratching mystery posts, tabletops, reviews and a redesign in the coming months. Thanks for reading, commenting, linking and generally keeping up with the bloat-fest… I raise a Saint’s Alp almond milk tea to you. Here’s to even better bites in 2009!


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