Chilean wine

So after whetting our palates with Pisco, we’d switch to fantastic South American wines. I knew about deep, red Malbecs from Argentina, but had never tried Chilean Carménère, an intriguing grape variety originally grown in Bordeaux, France, and once considered one of the original six grapes of Bordeaux. In the 1800s, the varietal was nearly wiped out from phylloxera infestation, and was imported to Chile’s central valley where it continues to grow strong. A part of the Cabernet family, it was misclassified as a Merlot until 1994 with its deep red color and bold and spicy-earthy flavor that stands up perfectly to ulmo honey and orange caramelized pork ribs. It became my new favorite wine, next to a refreshing Malbec rosé that was totally conducive to the 80-degree temps I really miss right about now.


Concha y Toro, Terrunyo Carménère 2006

Malbec rosé

Malbec rosé at Viu Mament Winery


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