Mystery pickle

No, I’m not going to make you guess where I took this photo of a pickle in a pouch. I’ll just go ahead and tell you that I spotted it late night at a liquor/convenience store on Division Street in Wicker Park over the weekend. It managed to both scare and fascinate me, and I am wondering if anyone has ever actually tried one of these (contents: one pickle, as if that’s not apparent through the plastic). But hell, it can’t be much worse than risking one of the peanut butter cracker packs on the same shelf. The company Van Holten’s is actually Milwaukee-based, and has been around since 1898 which is pretty cool, but a pickle in a plastic bag tucked away on the bottom shelf of a convenience/liquor store that sells everything from plastic protractors to cleaning products? I’m not convinced. If someone has attempted to uncover the mystery of the pickle in a pouch, please enlighten..


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