Searching for….pickles in pouches?

In about a month, this caloric little food blog will turn 3. I got to hand it to wordpress for offering up all kinds of interesting stats along the way, from blog hits to incoming links, and sometimes, the most fun of all…the random search terms that led people here. I can’t really judge the person who googled “pickle in a pouch” or “clear jello” as those very topics were covered in some capacity on my blog. But it’s still fun to see how they found me…more from the search engine stats…

A surprising number of people are very curious about the calories in Molly’s Cupcakes. They were out of luck when the came upon this, but I this level of decadence, what’s an extra ass cheek?

People wanted to find out more about tiny Japanese food toys, dining pods and whipped cream logs (no idea)..and an unexpectedly high number of google searchers wanted to know how long it took to make a Peep. I mean, has anyone really attempted this? Holla back and tell me if you have!

The most searched term (besides the blog name-ranging from eliza bites to elizabytes) was Hot Doug’s..the least? Jello moulds (sadly, 5 people spelled it that way).


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