Have a Bite

I could never tire of the eye candy at Rotofugi, from colorful plush monsters to ass-kicking vinyl ninjas, robots and other inanimate objects. But I truly can’t get enough of the tiny and totally freakin’ adorable food toys from Japanese company Re-Ment USA (warning, serious cute factor ahead) I spotted this weekend. Lilliputian burgers, shakes, fries, kebabs and more are in the “Have a Bite” collection, while rice bowls and cakes are hidden inside the “Triple Meals Deluxe.” The “Fun Meals” collection includes wee waffles and berries while “Sushi Bar” features a sushi, tea and wasabi meal called “Wasabi makes my eyes watery.” Like baseball cards and many of the toys at Rotofugi, the collections are packaged in “blind boxes,” so you don’t know which one you’re getting, but they’re all so darn cute it hardly matters. 1953 W. Chicago Ave., 312.491.9501


Triple Meals Deluxe


Burger shop toys



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2 responses to “Roto-foodie

  1. Lisa

    I’m a big fan of plastic food, too. Makes me smile always. Check out this story in Gourmet for more insight:

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