A Jell-O mold to behold…

Now that's a Jell-O mold

Now that's a Jell-O mold

My grandmother Ada was a Jedi master of the Jell-O mold, but hers never looked like the one I spotted at La Baguette North bakery over the weekend. The multi-leveled masterpiece made me ponder the flavor of clear Jell-O, but I think it might be too pretty to find out. 5712 N. Clark St., 773.878.8556



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4 responses to “A Jell-O mold to behold…

  1. You need to discover a good ambrosia!

  2. Wow. That is gorgeous…it puts all “Lutheran Jello” to shame.

  3. Catherine

    Makes me think of clear heels

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