Big Sandwich Tuesday at Theory

I was tempted to be real boring and write about Shamrock Shakes today (which I’ve been strangely craving for years now) but thought I would spare myself the stomach ache and focus on a particularly good and semi-big sandwich I enjoyed at Theory last week. I am a sucker for a good chicken salad sandwich on a lunch menu, but am often disappointed with the obscene amount of mayo that douses many concoctions. The Chicken Salad Sammy at Theory made me forget about the 15 flat screen TVs surrounding our table with smoked chicken breast, walnuts, raisins, grapes, celery all mixed in a slightly spicy dijon chive mayo on lightly toasted sourdough. I knew it would be good when I could actually see all of the contents of the salad, which had luckily escaped a hearty drenching of Hellman’s. A mix of hand-cut regular and sweet potato fries rounded everything out, and if we would’ve tacked on the ice cream cookie sandwich trio, it would’ve been the perfect lunch, plasma screens aside. 9 W. Hubbard St., 312.644.0004.


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