Pizza on the move…

I spotted this Chicago’s Pizza sign heading North on Ashland over the weekend, ironically breezing past the shuttered Pizza Hut just south of Division. I couldn’t tell if it’s just come down from one of their four locations, or is heading up to 3413 N. Clark where, according to the Web site, the chain is supposedly opening another spot with a “reduced” menu. Either way, I’ve never tried the stuff. Is it any good? Any other tasty new ‘za discoveries to report?



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2 responses to “Pizza on the move…

  1. My favorite still, after too many years to remember, is the pineapple/ortega pepper thin crust pie from Aurelio’s – although it sounds strange, every single person I know who has tried it has become instantly, hopelessly, addicted. Most recently sampled at their south loop location…

  2. Bill…sounds divine. Maybe we should go when Phil’s in town!

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