Bugging out at Antennae restaurant

img_1455Who says no one’s opening fine dining restaurants anymore? Here’s a sneak peek at the preliminary menu of Antennae, an ultra-high-end modern Mexican restaurant foodies will be itching to get into once it opens early summer in Wicker Park. The restaurant will focus on rare, prehispanic delicacies like ant eggs, worms and grasshoppers, which are protein-rich and (with enough butter or guacamole) surprisingly tasty. www.anntennaerestaurant.com.



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7 responses to “Bugging out at Antennae restaurant

  1. Lisa

    Oh, you’re bad and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  2. Bill

    I think butter and/or guacamole could make drywall tasty, but I’m not paying hundreds of dollars for bugs.

    If I want to eat bugs, I’ll go to Duk’s.

  3. Jeff

    Excellent! I was looking for something interesting to do with my bailout money.

  4. Oh, girl. You naughty!

  5. Ha ha ha…I couldn’t resist when I saw this menu at work. It believe the restaurant is somewhere in Mexico, and I believe those prices are not in dollars. Anyway…April Fool!

  6. Toby

    What . . . no mexican style killer bees on the menu??? I say two stars.

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