Guest blog spot: Wagyu burger at Sola

After guessing the Hot Doug’s mystery mural and choosing to write about the Wagyu beef burger at Sola for her guest post, you’d never guess Kate Bongionvanni blogs for fitness Web site, But when she’s not working out she’s hanging at Sola for Thursday’s “Burgers, Bacon and Beer” night (yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds). I love everything on the menu at Sola, so it’s no surprise Chef Carol Wallack’s burger is a hidden gem. I mean, it’s on a pretzel roll, can you go wrong? Kate’s post and pic to follow.

Sola burger

Sola burger

A Burger to Bend For
I tend to steer clear of red meat, but Sola’s Wagyu beef burger makes me break my rules. And for good reason: It’s irresistible to both diners and servers at Carol Wallack’s Lakeview hotspot. Not only is this sandwich tough to pass up—even among other menu favorites like the seafood preparations and short ribs—but it’s only available twice a week, at lunch on Thursdays and Fridays and during “Burgers, Beer and Bacon Thursday” nights.
But what is it about a burger that leaves my mouth watering and makes this most-of-the-time pescatarian craving more even after polishing off the entire over-sized sandwich? It’s the combination of flavors sandwiched between a pretzel roll. The medium-rare Wagyu beef piled high with melted cambozola cheese oozing out the sides, wilted arugula, crispy house-cured bacon, and my favorite, onions caramelized in pineapple juice. There’s something about the melding of those flavors that has me savoring each bite, telling myself to save some for later and even when I do bring a box home, the burger doesn’t sit around for long. Plus, it’ll only set you back $13 at lunch for burger perfection. And Chicagoans aren’t the only ones taking notice: Wallack cooked her signature burger at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival’s Burger Bash in February. Although her burger didn’t win top props (rumor has it that Spike from “Top Chef” Season 4 stole the show), the accompanying truffle fries received the “Best Potatoes” award. Sola 3868 N. Lincoln Ave., 773.327.3868



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3 responses to “Guest blog spot: Wagyu burger at Sola

  1. I know where my next burger fix is going to be. Yum!

    Just wondering if house cooked is supposed to be house cured though? It would be kind of weird if a restaurant like Sola were touting the fact that they cook their own bacon (although I realize lesser establishments sometimes don’t).

  2. Molly, nice catch. They do indeed cure and smoke their bacon in-house. How amazing does that burger sound, though? I plan to try it soon!

  3. It does sound amazing! Are you sure you want to explore Pilsen?

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