Black sesame flan at Kaze

We saw black sesame flan on the dessert menu of Kaze in Roscoe Village and had to have it. Not only because the description included slightly sweetened basil seed extract, fresh cherries and sugar candy, but because we knew that the crazier any dessert sounds at Kaze, the better it probably is. I already gushed over my obsession with their asparagus pudding last summer, and must now express my newfound infatuation with black sesame flan. From the color you expect almost a green tea mousse, but the black sesame imparts a nutty flavor that strangely reminded me of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The sweet basil seed extract may look like ants making a beeline for a picnic but it’s addictive and serves as almost a sweet syrupy dipping sauce for the flan. Spun sugar garnishes are pretty, but let’s face it, meant to be broken into delicate crunchy candy bits that add even more texture and sweetness to the dessert. But keep in mind that at Kaze, the best isn’t only saved for last, they also have killer sushi, seafood entrées and sweet potato soup to start. Kaze Sushi 2032 W. Roscoe, 773.327.4860


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