On the sushi bar: Macku

There was actually a lot more on the sushi bar of Macku (my favorite new sushi spot in town) but I loved this rubber fish spotted in one of the corners. The sushi gurus behind Kaze just opened the place with tasty Japanese river crabs, sashimi, white asparagus soup, tuna maki with banana wasabi purée, asparagus pudding, black sesame flan and much more goodness. 2239 N. Clybourn, 773.880.801


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One response to “On the sushi bar: Macku

  1. K

    I had never heard of asparagus pudding until I read this post; it looks amazing! Can’t wait to try Macku the next time I’m in Chicago. (I used to live in Milwaukee and make it back to the Midwest from time to time.)

    Enjoy reading your blog. Check out mine when you get a chance: copper-spoon.com.

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