Carrot cake at Lula Café


Carrot cake at Lula Café

There are many reasons why we are so lucky to be graced with a second Lula Café in Pilsen next month (2119 S. Halsted), namely more brunch and more carrot cake. If there’s one dessert I might crave almost as much as red velvet cupcakes, it’s carrot cake. So what if I’ll pretty much eat anything slathered with cream cheese frosting, when it’s lovingly whipped over moist, rich carrot cake that’s served with a side of crème anglaise and strawberry preserves, it truly nears perfection. A good, moist non-stringy carrot cake can be hard to find, and I’m thinking Lula’s may be the best I’ve had. Any others around town I should try? Let me know in the comments below. Lula Café, 2537 N. Kedzie Blvd., 773.489.9554


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