On the table update, best bite, Alinea and more..

Man, these dimly lit restaurants are going to be the death of me and my Canon. Believe you me, I loves the effects of a votive-lit table as much as a the next girl, but more for the face and less for the food shots. Alas, I will continue to manipulate nighttime food photos anyway with the right exposure and a steady (pre-vino) hand. Dim shots or not, I do apologize for my lack of eating adventures lately. There are a slew of restaurants on my radar that I plan to try in the next couple of weeks including Branch 27, the rest of the pie at Hoosier Mama (chocolate banana cream yo!), Eve, Mixteco Grill, the list goes on.
New restos aside, I do want to note that the countdown is officially on for my second dining experience at Alinea, It’s happening next week and will be my first visit back since 2005. I am already dreaming of hearts of palm placed delicately on tiny ceramic pedestals, lavender-essence filled pillows and lobster ravioli with carrot juice and coconut powder…but only Chef Achatz knows what’s in store for our palates. Starting fast now…
As if that’s not exciting enough, I also want to introduce a couple new elizabites features on the horizon; “best bite” will be a brief post about the best thing I ate all week, and the “On the Table” posts will now come with added captions. I figure at some point you may want to know more about the actual restaurant than just the color of its napkins rolls… watch for it under the photo.


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