The atrium at Branch 27

img_1557I heard about the “atrium” at the back of Branch 27 when it was still a construction site, but couldn’t really picture what co-owner Cary Michael was describing. After finally making my way over to the new West Town restaurant, which recently opened in a former public library, I got a clear view of the tables before the nightly dinner crowd descends. Even though spring is taking its sweet time to grace us with its presence, this part of the restaurant makes me think of summer. I worship the chairs, the mix of wood, brick, metal and glass, and the lush green ivy hanging above. You can tell it’s probably the coveted seating area of the place, but the rest of Branch is a similar mix of comforting materials and gorgeous votive-lit wooden tables (with a few white marble ones thrown in for good measure). As for the eats, a colleague was raving about the roast chicken with Brussels sprouts, sausage and peppers, and mozzarella sticks the size of egg rolls, making me even more excited to try and score a seat there this weekend, Atrium or not. Full review to come. 1371 W. Chicago Ave., 312.850.2700


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