I love scotch…


I like scotcharoos

I like scotcharoos

And by scotch I mean the butter kind loaded into the scotcharoos at Cafe 1505 in Mequon, WI. One of my best friend’s mom’s used to make these for us back in the day, so I know they are a common bake sale good, but when do you ever actually see them in a bakery? Every time I head up north I have to stop at this little gourmet cafe just off the freeway. It’s worth it for what is essentially a chewy block of butterscotch-and-peanut-butter-flavored Rice Krispie treat with a hardened milk chocolate top layer. Made in-house, they always have a fresh stack of them under a glass case. Anyone ever spot these in a bakery closer to home? Give a shout in the comments. Cafe 1505, 1505 W. Mequon Rd., 262.241.7076


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