Fitting the bill at Sepia

The bill at Sepia comes on one of these postcard trays

The bill at Sepia comes on one of these postcard trays

I swear, I am getting to the food we ate at Sepia last weekend, but I wanted to do a post on the great vintage French postcard trays that are brought to the table carrying your paper check. So much nicer than when the bill is just slapped inside a black vinyl book, put on a plastic American Express tray, or folded up and subtly placed in the middle of the table. I know Hamburger Mary’s delivers the bill in a stiletto, and Urban Belly plunks down chewy ginger candies with theirs. Any other interesting bill presentations you’ve noticed or particularly like?



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3 responses to “Fitting the bill at Sepia

  1. Nice. I love those details at restaurants. There was a restaurant in San Francisco that (if I remember correctly) gave gummy bears on a plate along with the bill. I thought it strange, but it was memorable 🙂

    (i came across your site via a Twitter post about Nightwood)

    keep it chilled, sister-friend…

  2. nice – what camera did you end up getting????

  3. Thanks new camera yet. Still using my old Canon for now!

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