Vietnamese iced coffee at Vella Cafe

Vietnamese iced coffee on the rocks at Vella Cafe

Vietnamese iced coffee on the rocks at Vella Cafe

Man oh man am I going to miss the bright and sunny Vella Cafe when it closes up at the end of August to make room for Bill Kim’s (of Urban Belly) new venture, Belly Shack (Latin American and Pan-Asian influenced salads, sandwiches, soups and more). But Vella had a good run with owners Melissa Yen (a previous and future guest blogger) and Sara Voden, offering delicious brunch items like a spicy tofu scramble, amaranth pancakes with lingonberry jam and a sausage frittata panini. Lunch offers a surprisingly good vegetarian bánh mì with fried tofu, carrots, jalapeño, cilantro, mint, house pickled daikon and spicy chili mayo and grilled cheese with tomato. But the Vietnamese iced coffee is what I may go in for daily before they close up shop. You’ll be more productive than you ever thought possible after this tall pint glass full of espresso, coffee and sweet, creamy condensed milk served over ice. Yeah, you can get iced Vietnamese coffee at more authentic spots, but I loved how Vella whips theirs up and has it available for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Any other favorite items you’ll miss? Don’t worry, there’s still time to get in your final fix. 1912 N. Western Ave., 312.489.7777



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2 responses to “Vietnamese iced coffee at Vella Cafe

  1. They had the best regular cup of coffee ever here, and it was that good every time. I went for last breakfast today, but I should have scored a pound of their house Intelligentsia blend because that was tops.

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