Chicago Antique Market

Just a few retro foodie shots captured at the Chicago Antique Market this weekend. Held once a month on Randolph and Ogden in the West Loop, the market returns August 29-30 and Sept. 26-27, and if you’ve never been, it’s more than worth the $10 entry fee. We spotted everything from great mirrors, to cookbooks, furniture, jewelry, artwork and memory-inducing retro glassware.

I am not sure who designed these retro vegetable jars, but I swear my parents had the full set of jars and glasses.

Do these vegetables looked stoned? Either way I love these jars, and I swear my parents had the full set of glasses

Is it me or do these vegetables looked stoned?

More great teapots, bowls, etc.
More retro pots, teapots, bowls and more

Orange overload

One vendor had an awesome selection of vintage cookbooks.
Vintage cookbooks

Vintage cookbooks

These thick A & W mugs brought back serious memories of pigging on hamburgers, fries and root beef floats in the comfort of my parent’s station wagon. I know there’s an A & W still lurking in Racine, and I think a trip up there for a float (or at least the root beer suckers) is on the horizon.
Must-have mugs

Must-have mugs


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