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Schiller’s Liquor Bar menu, NYC

Some chilly temps and torrential downpours didn’t stop me from savoring every minute in NYC this weekend. It was a rare moment when I was there for pure bachelorette party fun rather than work. I finally got to see Apotheke (and sipped an edamame-purée concoction), was captivated by War Horse on Broadway and the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the MOMA. We ate, of course, and I’ll be posting about our bites all week. One brunch in particular stood out, but not so much because of the food. Perhaps my Norwegian Hollandaise at Schiller’s Liquor Bar was just a miss, but I loved everything else about this place, from the room to the Stumptown coffee, and especially the menu. The font reminded me of my grandfather’s handwriting I’d see on old, yellowed ledgers, and the style of the restaurant name was straight up Milwaukee circa 1950 beer bar/bowling alley…and they have an escarole and artichoke salad on the damn brunch menu! I mean….

I was happy with my Stumptown, and didn’t indulge in wine, but I loved the layout of the wine list…Cheap…Decent…or Good, by the glass, carafe or half carafe…simple and to the point. Schiller’s Liquor Bar, 131 Rivington, East Village, NYC


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Show me the gummy…Vegas-style

Gummy dice and chips spotted in a Vegas souvenir shop…weird or delicious?

Gummy dice should probably stay in Vegas

..and so should gummy chips

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Oostburg, WI eats

A Labor Day weekend celebration with old friends in Oostburg, WI, offered some good eats, but does it get any more Eastern Wisco than being handed a bag of Gibbsville cheese curds near a blazing beach bonfire? Gibbsville is actually a small, 65-year-old family run company in Sheboygan Falls I kind of want to visit for their string cheese and spreads. They have a relatively “cheesy” recipe for “friendship” on their Web site, but they also have tips for cooking with Wisconsin cheese, and Brett Favre’s Wisconsin Broccoli Cheddar cheese soup, in case you were looking for it.

Gibbsville cheese curds and Wisco bonfires


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Random photo Friday: Orange Garden

I loved this 70-year-old Orange Garden sign spotted on West Irving Park. The post-thunderstorm sunset sky didn’t hurt the setting either, and I actually don’t mind the randomness of the sections of neon piping that decided to illuminate. Now to actually eat there..anyone ever been?

spotted off Lincoln Ave on W. Irving Park


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Random Photo Friday: Reel Sushi

Wow, I haven’t run one of these for a while. I love this photo I took through the window of Ringo Sushi, where the interior, exterior and reflection of buildings behind me show up in the same shot. But I mainly took it to capture the film projected on the wall inside. For some reason, their sushi-time screening bugged me, while I love the way the anime films look on the wall at Sushi X on Chicago and Milwaukee. Maybe because they play actual DVDs and Ringo had some bad action flick WITH COMMERCIALS. How do you feel about movies being screened with your sushi? Mildly annoying or artsy distraction from your date?

Ringo Sushi

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Random photo Friday

I’ve long been intrigued by Duk’s Dogs on Ashland Avenue, and bet they offer up one sleeper hit of a hot dog. But this sign just doesn’t have me convinced of the alleged greatness of these highly promoted milkshakes. Perhaps it’s the grammatical errors I would take a mega-Sharpie to if I had one, or the fact that they offer pineapple flavor. “Gross.”


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Non-mystery post

The view from the Signature Lounge on the 96th at the Hancock

I was really tempted to run this as a mystery post, but figured I’d go ahead and just admit that I was hanging at the Signature Lounge for a post-Andrew Bird show cocktail this week. We were in the neighborhood (Fourth Presbyterian Church) and decided to take the ear-popping elevator up to the 96th Floor of the Hancock for a drink. It was also freeze-ass cold outside, and didn’t want to go too far. Anyway, after living in Chicago for more than 10 years, I’m sorry, I still love this place. It was absolutely hopping on a Tuesday night, and we got the last two seats pulled up to the window. Of course it’s all about the view here (even an unexpectedly awesome one from the ladies’ restroom), and the over-priced cocktails. I did appreciate the idea of hot cocoa/coffee/tea drinks spiked with booze, and went for the Clementine Tea (description: Svedka Clementine vodka, cranberry juice, fresh brewed tea)…(reality: weak bag of Lipton black with a hardly a hint of vodka and maybe half a splash of cran, a random straw and overwhelming orange slices). I will pretty much only pay more than $10 for a cocktail if I’m the Violet Hour, but we made an exception only for the view I don’t think I could get tired of (see said awesome non-mystery post pic above). The Signature Lounge at the 96th, 875 N. Michigan Ave., 312.787.9796.

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New York silverware skyscrapers

Well, more work travel has caused a bit of a lag on my blogging duties, but never fear, there are more reports from my recent eating adventures in NYC and San Fran to come. I had been meaning to share this window display I spotted in Tribeca at Fish’s Eddy in Union Square/Flatiron (thanks Helen R!)..iconic NYC skyscrapers made entirely of silverware. More cheesy titles welcome in the comments. Fish’s Eddy, 889 Broadway, NYC

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