Oostburg, WI eats

A Labor Day weekend celebration with old friends in Oostburg, WI, offered some good eats, but does it get any more Eastern Wisco than being handed a bag of Gibbsville cheese curds near a blazing beach bonfire? Gibbsville is actually a small, 65-year-old family run company in Sheboygan Falls I kind of want to visit for their string cheese and spreads. They have a relatively “cheesy” recipe for “friendship” on their Web site, but they also have tips for cooking with Wisconsin cheese, and Brett Favre’s Wisconsin Broccoli Cheddar cheese soup, in case you were looking for it.

Gibbsville cheese curds and Wisco bonfires



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2 responses to “Oostburg, WI eats

  1. Sounds like a great holiday weekend. Great picture. I love it!

  2. Thanks! I like how the fire is blurry but still cool-looking, it’s all about the CURDS!

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